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Founded in 2004, L&M combines a deep knowledge of public and private health care issues with extensive experience in qualitative and quantitative research methods and health services management and operations.

L&M is a women- and minority-owned health policy research firm and an 8(a) graduate.

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Kelly Moriarty

Senior Research Director

Kelly Moriarty bio image Kelly Moriarty is a senior research director at L&M. She has spent two decades conducting health care research, focusing on consumer research and communications, quality measure development, and program implementation and assessment. She has conducted hundreds of cognitive interviews with Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers, moderated focus groups with patients and providers, convened technical expert panels, and conducted key informant interviews with consumer groups, providers, and state and local government agencies.

Ms. Moriarty’s recent work includes both communication research and operational support projects for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). She has led many projects aimed at improving communication around coverage, quality, and choice within the Medicare program. These studies included the development of web- and paper-based tools to support plan choice decisions, research to identify ways to support and engage less traditional Medicare information intermediaries, such as employers and pharmacists, and usability assessments of a range of online tools. Ms. Moriarty also leads projects to support CMS in responding to public comments related to Part C and Part D policy changes and in monitoring performance of Part C and Part D plans. Prior to joining L&M, she led numerous projects to consumer test Medicare forms, publications, and Web tools, managed projects to develop quality measures for Medicare Part D and for end-stage renal disease, and developed model marketing materials for the Part D program.

Ms. Moriarty holds a B.A. in religion, with a focus in bioethics, from Princeton University.