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Founded in 2004, L&M combines a deep knowledge of public and private health care issues with extensive experience in qualitative and quantitative research methods and health services management and operations.

L&M is a women- and minority-owned health policy research firm and an 8(a) graduate.

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Colleen Dobson, M.S.

Senior Researcher

Colleen Dobson bio photo

Colleen Dobson, M.S., is a senior researcher at L&M. Ms. Dobson has nearly ten years of experience conducting qualitative research to support health care communications and evaluation projects, with a particular focus on elderly and low-income populations, individuals with chronic conditions and disabilities, health insurance consumers and the uninsured. She is experienced in leading in-depth interviews and focus groups with a variety of consumer and professional audiences; conducting environmental scans and literature reviews; and preparing reports and briefings for a variety of clients, including communications research teams, policy experts, senior leadership, and web-developers and technical teams.

Ms. Dobson is currently working on several consumer research projects for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to aid enrollees and uninsured individuals in understanding and navigating the Health Insurance Marketplace. She recently contributed to a number of projects aimed at improving communications around coverage, quality, and choice within the Medicare program. Ms. Dobson also contributes to several of the firm’s policy and program evaluations, including a recent evaluation of the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation’s Accountable Care Organization Investment Model.

Ms. Dobson holds an M.S. from the Harvard School of Public Health and a B.A. in psychology from the University of Delaware.