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Founded in 2004, L&M combines a deep knowledge of public and private health care issues with extensive experience in qualitative and quantitative research methods and health services management and operations.

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Vladislav Slanchev, Ph.D.

Senior Researcher

Vladislav Slanchev bio image

Vladislav Slanchev, Ph.D., is a senior researcher at L&M. Dr. Slanchev brings research experience in public policy quantitative analysis, evaluation design for assessing the performance of health care payment models, development of econometric models to explain the determinants of individuals’ decisions and outcomes, and survey design. He currently works on evaluating the impact of the Home Health Value-Based Purchasing model on home health agencies and various segments of home health users which also included the development of a sampling plan for a survey of intervention and comparison group home health agencies. His evaluation experience also includes work on the design of the quantitative impact evaluation strategy for two “CMMI Health Care Innovation Awards Round Two” awardees to identify the impact of the award on Medicare expenditures and utilization of healthcare services, as well as the analysis of the performance of an alternative primary care delivery model.

Dr. Slanchev has a leading role in research efforts to identify the extent to which health outcomes of vulnerable populations are affected by the quality of the post-acute care settings available to them. He is also currently using data from Medicare and Medicaid claims to develop empirical models for capturing the costs to organizations of inaction on racial and ethnic disparities in health status and medical treatment associated with common health conditions among the populations they are serving. Dr. Slanchev is contributing to the assessment of beneficiary access to network pharmacies in MA plans and prescription drug plans (PDPs). He participates in the analysis of the effect of growth in drug and device costs on MS-DRG relative weights. Dr. Slanchev previously led a study to estimate nationwide eligibility and take-up rates for Medicare Savings Programs using data from various national health studies and conducted an analysis that produced communality estimates for risk factors associated with the prevalence of the Alzheimer’s disease. Before joining L&M, Dr. Slanchev conducted research assessing respondents’ willingness to link their survey responses to administrative records and developed a sampling framework to test alternative measures of their privacy attitudes.

Dr. Slanchev holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Duke University.